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Action alignment with your goals. What’s your purpose as an actor or performer? How do you want to impact your audience? Every audition gives us the chance to show and improve our talents and use our purpose to impact the casting director and the camera. It’s called show business because you show your business. Do, means knowing what you do, what your mission is and focusing on your best performing product. Discover smart ways, on how to introduce new disciplines to your schedule to complete your behavior delivery package, and how to prepare the upcoming audition in a remarkable way.


All we need is? Love! What’s the opposite of love? Fear! So, we sit down with ourselves and find out what scares us the most and how we can overcome our little inconsistencies. Let’s use our barriers to spot hidden potential. How can we learn from them, and eliminate unnecessary flaws , that are standing in between us, and our peak performance? By generously embracing the challenge we find the right drive to push forward every day and become even better actors and humans. Love, means passion, creativity, and grit serving your success.


Engage! Set off a chain reaction, with the people you’re acting and interacting with. Motivate your performing environment, by being an outstanding actor that challenges the status quo, with unpredictable deliveries. Involve your audience with creativity and wit. Design your performance like a piece of furniture or like a painting. Add color, intensity, shapes and weird choices to your act because there’s no logic in life, so there isn’t necessarily one in acting either. Don’t settle for conventional wisdom a good actor goes to the audition, knowing he has to be ready for possible surprises, but a great actor goes to the audition, because he wants to discover, and reveal the surprises he certainly knows exist.


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